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Conditional transfer smart contract
A decentralized finanical smart contract that collects Grams and releases them when a specific condition is met.
Can be used for escrow, crowdfundings, custody, splitting, etc.
Decentralized security

Secured by TON VM

Smart contract logic is protected by decentralized virtual machine of TON, conditions are guaranteed to be immutable and enforced no matter what happens.

Transparency machine

Fully transparent

All information about conditions, beneficiaries, investors and distribution logic is contained in contract data and is easily obtainable and verificable.


Immensely flexible

Lots of configurable parameters and tweakable logic of the contract allows to use it in many different scenarios, from escrow to crowdfundings.

Applications (some examples)
Escrow schematic


It is possible to temporarily safely lock funds into the contract and release them to destination if some preset agreements are met.

Custody schematic


Grams can be safely transferred to destination only when it is ready to accept them, or return them back otherwise.

Auto crowdfunding schematic

Automatic crowdfunding

The contract may collect Grams from investors and automatically send them to destination if collection target is met by set time.

Ctrl crowdfunding schematic

Controlled crowdfunding

This contract would allow sending funds to destination only if it is permitted by some controller - a person or a smart contract.

How it works
In case video does not work you can download it in Full HD (1080p) quality here (tgcontest1.mp4)
More information


Quick start guide on how to use the contract can be found here. You can read some technical details about the contract on the dedicated page. The code is published in this GitHub repository.



You can find author on GitHub (Skydev0h) or contact on Telegram by handle @Skydev.

Another contract


Please have a look at another smart contract made by the author for this contest: Data storage proxy smart contract, an infrastructural SC.

| Created for: Telegram (Open Network) Blockchain Contest #2 (Part #2)   |
| Author: @Skydev (Telegram) / Skydev0h (GitHub)                         |
| March 2020, second half                                                |